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Empowering Energy Healers

Welcome to LEI-IPSB Trust

We are a non-profit, 501(c)3, organization developed to spread wellness and energy healing in our community and around the world.

Our mission is to support people in all walks of life with our experienced teachers and practitioners sharing the benefits of energy healing. 

We plan to offer scholarships and support to students to train with our school to become Polarity and Craniosacral practitioners, and more.

Who Are We?

After decades of experience in the healing arts, through our school Life Energy Institute and our sister school Ipsb @ Life Energy Institute, the time has come to expand our reach and share healing and wellness to a larger community.  

Life Energy Institute, founded by Gary Strauss and Tracy Griffiths, is a resource and educational center for the advancement of Life Energy based therapies.  Our teachers are deeply resourced individuals and our programs are accredited and designed to enrich the understanding and experience of fundamental principles of energy medicine modalities applied to one’s professional or personal life.  

We offer classes, programs and retreats in Los Angeles, New York, Arizona, Japan and other locations around the world.


What is our goal?

The intention of the trust is to help raise the field of intelligence of our quantum based touch industry legacy to the full potential of its visionary possibilities.  It will do this by providing resources, financial and otherwise to assist , empower and leverage this work into the world by:

Supporting teachers and teaching libraries

Supporting our clinicians, clinics and clinical enterprises

Community of students locally and internationally

Community of patrons who receive our work all over the world

Our entrepreneurial community seeking to advance/innovate our work in the world

What have we done so far and what’s next?

Update – December 2023

Bringing Healing & Hope to Maui – Bodywork Service Trip – click here to learn more

Donations to our nonprofit have paved the way for us in accomplishing the following first steps:

  • Bodywork Service Trip to Maui – 11 practitioners – 180 sessions given – Read More Here

  • 6 Teaching fellowships
  • 2 More teaching fellowships in progress

  • 8 Partial Scholarships

  • 6 International partial scholarships in progress

  • 1 Work-study Scholarship

  • 4 In-person and Online Clinics

  • 2 Community Session Exchange gatherings

  • Sponsorship to our Virtual Library

  • 1 Funding Specialty stipend

Our goals for the future include:

  • A full-time clinical director
  • A new dedicated building to house our schools, clinics and wellness projects
  • A fully functional online virtual library for community, students and teachers
  • A scholarship fund for the diversity of community we live in
  • A clinic support fund to make our sessions available to all dimensions of community regardless of finances
  • A wellness center to house our work and the unique work of our students, teachers and colleagues
  • A fellowship fund to sponsor teachers and online development and the evolution of our way with Life Energy based teachings and practices
holding space meditation
life energy institute
holding space mediattion
ipsb@ life energy institute

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Our Core Values


Spread love through healing and wellness.


Energize our practitioners & students by creating new opportunities to share their skills.


Provide low or no-cost scholarships.

Set up COMMUNITY clinics.


Please consider donating today!  Your donation will allow us to bring healing and wellness, and educational opportunities to those who otherwise cannot afford it.  All donations are tax-deductible.

Contact us for more information.